A Spectrum of Holistic Natural Treatments
Say No to Chemo & Other Draconian Nonsense...

      Don't "Beat" Cancer - Treat It Naturally.   Authoritative studies  have proven that conventional Chemo, Radiation and Surgery have no compelling value over non treatment.  All too frequently they actually shorten life substantially and destroy the remaining quality of life.

      An effective cure for cancer must focus on causes - not merely the symptoms such as tumors, cachexia and pain.  Cancer victims therefore need to follow a comprehensive, multifaceted treatment regime involving:

> cellular detox to remove toxins from the cell wall & ion channels
> parasitic cleansing to prevent tissue damage and fungal growth
> improved nutrition to correct deficiencies and avoid junk foods
> revitalized metabolism to halt anaerobic cancer cell function
> regulation of growth hormone to prevent uncontrolled cell division
> electrolytic buffering to reverse acidosis and relieve pain
> cellular oxygenation enhancement to support metabolism
> immunity invigoration to destroy pathogens and remove wastes
> flushing of the lymphatic system to remove toxic buildup
> cellular rejuvenation to repair cells
& tissues - reversing tumors
.....all of which are body friendly, focused approaches. 

     These corrective measures can be accomplished naturally, without any expensive, toxic pharmaceuticals using a wide variety of natural source remedies such as those advocated in the REVIOX treatment protocol. 

     This broad spectrum, self-treatment* regime also includes intervention therapies intended to halt cachexia, provide rapid tumor remission and effective pain relief. 

Treatment Directory of Natural Alternatives

     We specialize in the development and promotion of a growing spectrum of holistic natural remedies free of toxic pharmaceuticals and the superficial, symptomatic treatment methods of conventional medicine. 

     Our initial focus has been the development of a comprehensive cure for cancer in all its forms based in a more fundamental understanding of its causes and logical remedial measures.

     We do not generally advocate the use of any artificial drugs in recognition of the fact that God has provided in nature everything we need for proper health and healing.  To suggest that man can improve on this fact is just humanistic bravado that conveniently ignores the vast complexities of life.

     The best that modern pharmacology can hope to accomplish is to simply refine, purify, concentrate and combine naturally occuring substances for optimal therapeutic effect. 

Company Profile
     The Holimedex directory is provided in cooperation with the R&D and consulting division of a Canadian corporation
(#400255-5) with aspirations to introduce the world to natural remedies outside the confines of conventional, allopathic medicine which remains focused on suppressing and masking symptoms with expensive, artificial pharmaceuticals, rather than providing real cures.

     Our long term mission is to produce a thorough and informative directory of natural treatments for a wide array of diseases and disorders for which conventional, allopathic medicine has proved impotent due to a collaboration of intellectual arrogance, corporate greed and regulatory stonewalling.  

     The HOLIMEDEX directory is only in its infancy as yet, but will be updated regularly as we have opportunity to investigate a growing list of holistic approaches to healing and health maintenance. 

     The tradename of our natural treatment directory is a combination of the words, Holistic Medicine Index.  Please join us in producing a comprehensive resource of alternative natural treatments and help stem the tide of corruption in modern "Techno-Medicine" which   regularly abuses the misplaced trust of Joe Public.

Mark Porringa
President & CEO
Medical Machine Breakdown

What has gone so terribly wrong with  North America medicine!?  Why is it that the US health care system,  the most expensive on the planet, is rated so poorly by the World Health Organization?  

      Infant mortality rates now exceed those of Cuba.     Pharmaceutical drugs taken according to prescription have become the fourth leading cause of death and immunity indicators are in steady decline due to the rampant use of antibiotics....    

The push for health freedom scored a decisive upset victory at a recent conference regarding  CODEX reforms. 

In a surprising turn of events the WHO has essentially forced the pork barrel regulatory agency (largely controled by Big Pharma, Medica, etc)  to adopt  health freedom strategies  aimed at promoting better health through improved nutrition and exercise as opposed to more regulation  and pharmaceuticals.
Cancer Cures and Cover-ups

     Our new book is a sobering reality check of all that is wrong with modern Oncology, particularly its  obsession with terribly inadequate conventional treatments sarcastically known as the "slash, burn and poison"  trio (debilitating surgery, radiation and chemotherapy ). 

     A  growing chorus of high profile critics now advocate approaches which correct the underlying causes, rather than merely suppressing the symptoms with great violence and bravado.   
     Cancer Cures and Cover-ups provides a riveting synopsis of well over 15 suppressed therapies that have fallen prey to a disturbing quagmire of corporate greed, intellectual arrogance and politics at its worst. 

     The  captivating read culminates with a comprehensive theory of cancer and a logical approach to treatment including a multifaceted, phased treatment protocol for clinical refinement....   
Revolutionary Atomic Model

     The revolutionary  Lattice Nested Hydreno atomic model has vast implications for biochemistry and medicine including the effective treatment of cancer. 

      Decades of inquiry have finally lead to a definitive theory of  bio and chemo-nuclear  reactions (historically known as hyperchemistry) documented by the likes of Nobel candidate Louis Kervran and other scientists over the last few centuries. 

      Despite the contrary dogmas of high energy physics and Lavoisier chemistry, such reactions occur widely in nature, explaining all manner of mass balance anomalies in agronomy, medicine and elsewhere.....


Self treatment remedies should ideally be taken under the supervision  of  a qualified medical professional, preferably a Naturopath or other holistic practioner.
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